Due to the coronavirus, Beantown Stomp 2020 is cancelled. We know many people have travel booked for this weekend, and we've all been looking forward to it for months. But we also know that reducing person-to-person transmission is crucial for slowing the spread of this disease, and social dancing is the opposite of social distancing.

If you would like your money back we're happy to return it in full. As dances around the country are cancelling however, we're looking towards a rough Spring for people who make their living playing and calling for contra dances. If your financial circumstances allow, consider waiving your refund so we have funds to pay our performers. Please fill out this form to let us know how we should handle your payment. We'll be emailing everyone as soon as we can.

Beantown Stomp 2021 will be March 12th-14th.

Friday 3/20 - Sunday 3/22, 2020

Gender-free non-residential Boston contradance weekend.




Plus an open band.


Cambridge Masonic Hall
1950 Mass Ave Cambridge MA (map)


7:30pmJulie & Max with Luke
9:30pmYaysayers with Lisa
11:00pmDancing ends
9:30amCalluna with Luke childcare available
11:05amCalluna with Lisa childcare available
1:05pmKingfisher with Lisa childcare available
2:50pmJulie & Max with Luke childcare available
4:30pmYaysayers with Luke childcare available
7:30pmOpen Band led by Lisa and anchored by Julie & Max, with Luke calling
9:25pmKingfisher with Lisa
11:00pmDancing ends
9:15amFamily dance led by Luke to an acoustic Open Band led by Alex Cumming
10:30amKingfisher with Luke childcare available
12:05amYaysayers with Lisa childcare available
1:40pmAll musicians and callers childcare available
3:00pmDancing ends

Sessions marked childcare available have free childcare available. Please include on your registration (or write jeff@bidadance.org) if you'd like to use it.

Family Dance

The family dance on Sunday morning is open to everyone, not just families, but will have dances targeted at very young dancers.

While the rest of the weekend requires advance registration, if you want to come just for the family dance you can pay at the door. If you do, it's BIDA's usual $5-$15 for adults and $3 for kids.

Open Band

There will be two open band slots, both open to anyone who would like to play. The slots will feel pretty different:

Sets for the evening open band: TBD


The hall will be open: In 2020 it will probably be similar.

Pricing and Registration

Last year we asked for $50-$150/person, and did a little better than break-even. We're planning to admit more dancers this year, so we think we're able to move the price a bit lower, to a sliding scale of $30-$130. If you're able to pay toward the higher end, that's what makes it possible for us to offer admission to others below cost. We also have volunteer spots available.

We will admit the first 150 dancers first-come-first-served. If these 150 slots all are claimed within the first week (before Tuesday November 19th) we'll pause registration and announce a lottery for the remaining slots.

To keep things simple, tickets are full-weekend, but if we sell out we may be able to make some additional part-weekend slots available for non-peak times.

Everyone needs to register and pay in advance. Kids below dancing age are free; just mention them on your registration.


Gender and Roles

All calling will be gender-free, with Larks/Robins terms. The bathrooms will also not be gendered. This event is not gender or role balanced, and anyone is welcome to dance either or both roles.



You can bring food, buy food at the supermarket across the street, or eat at one of the many nearby restaurants. There is refrigerator and freezer space available at the hall, as well as a microwave. We're planning on breaks for lunch and dinner on Saturday.


There will be plenty of snacks at the hall, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. There will be light snacks out most of the time, and more substantial snacks Sunday around lunchtime. If you have dietary restrictions there's a space for that on the registration form.


Housing isn't included, but we will try to match out-of-town dancers with local dancers who are willing to host. There's a bit asking about this on registration. We're planning to start working on this around 2/11, and if you register after that we may not be able to connect you with anyone.


Public Transit

Public transit is a great way to get to and from the hall, which is at the Porter Square stop on the Red Line Subway, the Fitchburg Line Commuter Rail, and the 77, 83, 87, and 96 buses. For detailed directions and schedules Google Maps works well: Cambridge Masonic Hall.


Friday and Saturday:

The parking lot at the Kennedy School (map) a short walk away is free to use when school is not in session.

Parking meters on Mass Ave or at metered municipal lots in Davis Sq.


All parking meters and residential spaces are free on Sunday.

Please don't park in the big shopping center lot across the street from the hall, because they tow.


See BIDA's general accessibility information. The venue is not wheelchair accessible. Unlike BIDA's regular evening dances, this event is low-fragrance; see the registration form for more details.

Kids and Childcare

There will be childcare for the daytime parts of the weekend, and a family dance. Schedule to come.


If it turns out you can't come, let us know and we'll return your money.


This weekend is a joint project of the JP Gender Free Contra Dance and Boston Intergenerational Dance Advocates.


Please write us at beantown-stomp@googlegroups.com.